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Natural Deodorant


Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant Natural Deodorant Natural Deodorant Natural Deodorant
This vegan, sensitive skin-friendly balm works to keep your armpits odour-free and protected. The effective aluminum-free formula provides all-day protection and dries quickly without leaving any stickiness. Fundamental elements of Babassu Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Tea Tree & Rosemary Essential Oil work together keeping underarms nourished and bacteria-free. Unlike many other natural deodorants (that tend to be soft/lotion-like), this formulation is firmer and glides on similiar to traditional options and is especially great for first-timers.   Each 2.65oz/76g tube lasts approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

3 Scents:
Naked Coconut - Light tropical aroma and blissfully sweet yet sophisticated. An unpretentious and inviting combination of Coconut and Vanilla Bean
Naked Lemon - Evokes sunshine and tranquility. Enjoy the bright, clean aroma of Lemon combined with the gentle soothing bouquet of Chamomile
Naked (Unscented) - Pure, clean, and fresh. This elegant formula provides effective all-day odour control and is great for sensitive skin without any additional scent or fragrance. The ultimate recipe for sensitive skin, and scent sensitive individuals