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What's in the Spring Eco-Box?

Introducing the Winter Eco-Box!! These 9 items were specifically chosen to help you celebrate and enjoy the winter season in eco-style. Experience handmade quality, festive scents and flavours, low waste reusables and other items from small sustainable businesses. Worth $180 and subscribers pay only $89 CDN/approx. $65 USD and save 50% off regular retail prices. Featuring some of the latest and greatest sustainable eco-brands including Ark Fair Trade, Net Zero Co., Savonnerie des Diligences, Apothékary, Second Spring and Oteas.

💚 Fair Trade Wool Mittens – Ark Fair Trade
💚 Handmade, Natural “Taiga” Cranberry Soap – Savonnerie des Diligences
💚 Silicone Baking Mats (set of 2) – Net Zero Co.
💚 Chocolate Peppermint Sprouted Organic Cookie Mix – Second Spring
💚 Measuring Spoons & Cups made from Wheat Straw – Let’s Go Eco
💚 Ceramic Mug, Tea Infuser & Lid – Let’s Go Eco
💚 Premium, Loose-Leaf Tea – Oteas
💚 Chill Out Tranquility Supplement – Apothékary
💚 Penguin Compostable Sponge – Let’s Go Eco

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Ceramic Mug with Tea Infuser and Lid

directly sourced by Let's Go Eco (MSRP: $36)

Did you know most tea bags are made from plastic? These mugs are designed to be used with loose leaf teas and come with both a lid/coaster and infuser. These beautiful ceramic mugs with their wooden handles are both modern and sophisticated and perfect for cold weather season.

Low Waste | Plastic-Free | Sustainable Swap

Materials: Ceramic, wood

Handknit, Fair Trade Wool Mittens

by Ark Fair Trade (MSRP: $26)

These fleece-lined, fair trade mittens are small batch and handmade with love in Nepal. Each pair is one of a kind, unique and individually made from 100% New Zealand wool* (not acrylic or polyester which are both plastic/fossil fuel products).

Ark Fair Trade is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and adhere to ethical fair trade practices that promote better quality of life in Nepal by addressing issues such as wage, the environment and respecting the existing culture. For each pair, Ark makes a charitable donation of $1 to the Ark Nepal Relief Fund and $1 to The Sarana Institute. They are also a Tree Canada Partner and plant 2,000 trees a year to offset their carbon footprint.

Fairtrade | Handmade | Natural | Sustainable | Plastic-free & Biodegradable | Small Sustainable Business | Gives Back | Certified GOTS Organic | Handprinted | Natural | Vegan | Unbleached | Small Sustainable Business | Woman-Lead Business

Learn more about Ark Fair Trade

Handmade, All Natural “Taiga” Cranberry Soap

by Savonnerie des Diligences (MSRP: $8)

Cranberry is the signature ingredient of this handcrafted, all natural, vegan soap. Taiga soap exfoliates the skin while stimulating blood circulation thanks to the seeds of this small red fruit. Combined with the aromas of peppermint and wintergreen, this soap has the effect of a perfect morning awakening.

Founded in 2005 by Marie-Eve Lejour, environmental protection has always been at the heart of Savonnerie des Diligences. They are zero waste pioneers and committed to creating and manufacturing quality natural products with care for people and the environment. All their creations are superior quality and come with no or minimal packaging.

Handmade | Natural | Low + Zero Waste | Sustainable | Plastic-free & Biodegradable | Vegan | Small Sustainable Business | Woman Led

Check out Savonnerie des Diligences for their full line of low waste, handcrafted skin care

Premium, Loose-Leaf Tea in Compostable Pack

by Oteas (MSRP: $8 CDN)

Fast fact: most teabags are made from plastic. This organic, high-quality tea is plastic-free and the packaging is plant-based and certified backyard compostable. This tea is ultra premium, whole leaf, hand blended, all natural and has no artificial flavours.

Oteas is deeply committed to driving a greener, more sustainable economy. Oteas is also a 1% for the planet partner with 1% of sales going towards non-profit groups and organizations working together to better our planet earth.

Plastic Free | Low Waste | Hand Blended | Woman-Lead Business | Sustainable Small Business

Check out Oteas and their full line premium teas and plastic-free, certified compostable tea bags and packing.

Chill Out Relaxant & Tranquility Supplement

by Apothékary (MSRP: $30)

The holiday season can be stressful and this cheeky-named dietary supplement is the perfect aid. It’s one of Apothékary’s most popular herbal remedies with 1,878 5-star reviews. It is a serotonin-boosting, stress-busting elixir that targets cortisol levels with two powerhouse adaptogens, Reishi and Ashwagandha. Reishi is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and Ashwagandha is a popular root adaptogen used for stress relief and to fight adrenal fatigue.

Certified organic, all natural, fair trade, sustainably sourced, non-dairy, sugar free, and tastes like a peppermint hot chocolate mix. Add 1 tsp to your favorite plant-based milk or smoothie. Mix and enjoy.

Organic | All Natural | Fair Trade | Sustainably Sourced | Vegan | Sustainable Small Business | Woman-Lead Business

Size: 12 servings. 1.3 oz/36 g

Read more about Apothékary and check out their range of herbal blends.

Silicone Baking Mats (set of 2)

Net Zero Co. (MSRP: $25)

100% silicone baking mats are a reusable, low waste kitchen must have. You can whip up any variety of delicious delicacies or main courses without producing extra waste from parchment paper or foil. Not just for cookies, these mats are great for lining roasting pans too. They are FDA approved and BPA-free. Silicone is made from sand and these mats are free from fossil fuels and other toxic nasties.

Net Zero mission is to empower the movement towards sustainability and normalize a low waste earth-friendly lifestyle. They support a whole slew of eco-actions including offsetting their carbon emissions with CarbonFund, planting over 125,000 trees with the Eden Rainforest Projects and with their Giving Campaigns donating 10% of their sales to a variety of earth-focused organizations. They even have a silicone recycling take back program.

Quality Reusables | Free Zero Waste | Fossil-Fuel Free | Sustainable Reusables | 100% Recyclable Packaging | Small Sustainable Business | Gives Back

Pack of 2 mats each 15.8 x 11.8 in/40 x 30 cm
Oven safe up to 428°F / 220°C

Click here to check out Net Zero Co. website to see their full line of earth friendly low waste lifestyle products.

Chocolate Peppermint Organic Cookie Mix

by Second Spring (MSRP: $6)

A cross between a cookie and a brownie these sprouted rye chocolate peppermint cookies are soft and decadent with a festive hint of peppermint. Made with organic ingredients and sprouted whole grains, they are free from preservatives and artificial flavours so you can taste the wholesome goodness.

Sprouted Spring started to take root in 1985 with the Donaldson family run business Everspring Farms that supplied natural sprouted foods to local businesses. Fast forward to now, Spouted Springs was co-created by the Donaldson daughter team, who grew up on the family farm and now want to share nourishing food traditions like sprouting and fermentation directly to people like us.

Organic Ingredients | All Natural | Vegan Option | Preservative Free | Small Sustainable Business | Woman Led Business | Family Run Business

Check out Second Spring for their wide range of top quality, healthy, sprouted and organic flour, grains and baking mixes.

Measuring Spoons and Cups made from Wheat Straw

directly sourced by Let’s Go Eco (MSRP: $25)

The impact of plastic made from fossil fuels on the environment is devastating, but wheat straw bioplastic is one of the latest eco friendly material trends and a smart, environmentally friendly alternative. Made from a bi-product of wheat harvesting, wheat straw is upcycled and combined with sugar and pressed into a premium food grade material that is heat resistant, BPA free, FDA approved and makes for a great low waste solution.

Plant-Based | Fossil Fuel Free | Bio-Plastic | Sustainable | Low Waste | Upcycled Waste Product

Penguin Compostable Wood Pulp Sponge

directly sourced by Let's Go Eco (MSRP: $6)

This cute little guy is made from anti-bacterial, wood pulp and not plastic like most sponges! Simply add water to puff your plastic-free, wood pulp penguin (say that 3 times fast).

Zero Waste | Plastic-Free | Sustainable Swap | All Natural | Compostable