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What's in the Spring Eco-Box?

7 low waste, reusable “Green on the Go” items plus a couple of treats. Valued at $160 CDN, subscribers only pay $89 and save 45% off regular retail prices

💚 Handwoven Seagrass Grocery & Picnic Bag
💚 Vegan Food Wraps (3 pack)
💚 Hot & Cold Therapy Bag/Compress
💚 Handcrafted Superfood Energy Bars
💚 Two-Tiered Stainless Steel Bento Box
💚 Bannock Mix *featured Indigenous Business
💚 Portable Travel Straw
💚 Free Bonus Item

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Handwoven Seagrass Grocery & Picnic Bag

Greener Valley Trading (Nanaimo, BC)

Handwoven from renewable seagrass these gorgeous bags are the perfect replacement for plastic grocery bags. Both beautiful and strong, they are also great for gardening, going to the beach, picnics, carrying books or whatever you can imagine. There are 9 different beautiful designs and you’ll receive one at random.

These eco-friendly bags are a true "grass roots" story of families working together to create an amazing a community-based industry. Over 10,000 people in a small Vietnamese village support themselves by weaving these baskets. These families are not employed by the factory are paid fairly and run this as their own home-based business. They weave the baskets in their home where they can care for their children as well.

Natural Materials | Small Sustainable Business | Fair Trade | Reusable | Canadian Business | Recycled Vinyl Handles

Size: Measures approximately 15x10x7 inches and each bag can carry about 50 lbs.

Vegan Food Wraps (Set of 3)

Bee Kind (Vancouver, BC)

Replace wasteful plastic wrap with this variety-size vegan wax wrap set. These wraps are a MUST for every low-waste kitchen. We’re happy to have found these made from soy and candelilla wax instead of traditional beeswax. You get one of four spring inspired designs randomly in your box.

Bee Kind began as a way for founder Evan to educate her community on the desperate situation of marine plastic pollution. Three years later, Bee Kind has a thriving product line, is sold in over 100 locations across North America, and is powered by an inspiring all women team. They are proud to give back a portion of their profits to a variety of marine conservation initiatives. Care: Hand wash in COLD water and soap with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Air dry. Do NOT use in freezers or with warm food, containers or meat.

Handmade | Natural | Vegan | Small Sustainable Business | Plastic Free | Compostable | Woman-Lead Business | Reusable | Canadian | Gives Back

Size: Each set includes three square wraps in a matching design. 6" small/9" medium/12" large.

Check out Bee Kind's website and line of sustainable products

Hot & Cold Therapy Bag/Compress

Wheat Bags by T (Saskatoon, SASK)

Wheat bags, also known as therapy bags, can be used as a hot or cold compress. Freeze to reduce puffy eyes and help soothe headaches or heat in the microwave and use to rehydrate and soothe dry eyes. Handmade from all natural materials, cotton flannel and filled with Canadian prairie wheat from local farmers in Saskatchewan.

Terrilyn is the proud creator of Wheat Bags by T and puts lots of love into each bag. For cold compress, store in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Hot compress, microwave for 1 minute. Eco-Tip – Pop a cold compress in your lunch bag or the top-tier of your bento box to keep things cool.

Handmade | Natural | Vegan | Small Sustainable Business | Plastic Free | Woman-Lead Business | Reusable | Canadian

Check out Terrilyn’s website

Handmade, Raw Superfood Energy Bars

Haumâna (Montreal, PQ)

Haumâna founders Sidi and Guillaume are on a mission with one simple goal - create the best energy bars for our planet, our communities and our health. Introducing their unbelievable energy bars handmade in Montreal. Vegan, organic, raw, sugar free, gluten-free and made from fairly traded Baobab fruit (a superfood high in vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber). Packaged in compostable pouches. You’ll get one of two flavours randomly in your box.

In addition to outstanding nutritional benefits, their compostable packaging has saved more than 200,000 wrappers from landfills. Haumâna also supports more than 20 women and their families in Senegal.

Organic | Fair trade | Handmade | Sustainable Small Business | Compostable Packaging | Canadian | Natural | Vegan | Raw | Gluten-free | Preservative Free

They have a monthly subscription! Get 25% off your first monthly box with code HEYHAUMANA25. Check them out

Two-Tiered Stainless Steel Bento Box

Let's Go Eco (Toronto, ON)

We decided to take one of our most popular on the go items from our shop and share it with you this spring. This bento box is made from durable, high-quality stainless steel, is leak proof and endlessly reusable. It has 2-levels to carry more and lets you keep your salad separate from your sandwich (or other yummy treats). Food-grade, BPA/PVC free, leak proof, made from stainless steel and silicone, rust proof and dishwasher safe.

Reusable | Plastic Free | Durable | Small Sustainable Business | Canadian | Woman-Lead Business

Handcrafted Bannock Mix

Indigenous Business Bangin’ Bannock (Vancouver, BC)

We proudly support Indigenous businesses and this spring we’d like to share Bangin’ Bannock’s handcrafted Bannock mix with you. Experience some Indigenous culture and make your own at home using this convenient dry mix in eco-friendly, compostable packaging. Bannock is a yummy fried bread and historically was a staple for many indigenous people and ingrained in their culture.

Bangin’ Bannock is lead by a duo of indigenous woman, Kelsey and Destiny, based in Vancouver BC. Each bag of dry mix makes approximately 8 servings. All you have to do is supply the water for mixing and oil for frying.

Supports Indigenous Small Business | Handmade | All Natural | Vegan | No Preservatives | Plastic Free | Compostable Packaging | Canadian | Woman-Lead Business

Visit Bangin' Bannock's website here

Portable Travel Straw

Let's Go Eco (Toronto, ON)

Litter-ally at least 500 million straws are used everyday around the world. It’s no wonder single use plastic straw use has captured so much attention over the last few years. Be green on the go, pop this on your key chain and say no to single use plastics and never use another plastic straw again.

FREE BONUS ITEM - Shortbread Cookies

Provisions Food Company

Crumbly and decadent, these delicious shortbread cookies are a wonderful and decadent treat. They are all natural, preservative free and made with real creamery butter. Made by Provisions Food Company, founded and led by Chef Lori and based in a small farming town in Ontario.

All Natural | Plastic Free | Woman-Lead Business | Small Town Made | Small Batch | Non-GMO

You'll get 1 of 3 flavours randomly: Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate Chip or Dark Chocolate.
Size: 160 ml

Check out Provisions Food Company