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Body Salve - Calendula + Plantain Reparative Balm

Body Salve - Calendula + Plantain Reparative Balm

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A carefully crafted blend of reparative plantain leaf, chamomile flowers and calendula petals to aid troubled skin and promote healing.  Helps to soothe irritations, rashes, bug bites and protects fresh tattoos.  It can be used for all sorts of ailments including scabs, scars, burns, sunburns and dry skin in need of some extra healing. 

Made from nourishing plant-based ingredients; many of them sustainably foraged.  Simple ingredients, carefully crafted without animal products, by-products or testing.  Every one of Sarah’s products is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA.

This salve contains:
► Calendula Petals: aids in cell regeneration / anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties
► Plantain Leaf: (responsibly wild harvested) contains antibiotic compounds that aid in skin healing / antibacterial + anti-inflammatory
► Candelilla Wax: a plant based + vegan wax derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub / acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from skin

Size:  2 oz / 60 ml

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