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Straw Hat - made from sustainable raffia

Straw Hat - made from sustainable raffia

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Be protected when you’re out and about with this cute and flirty sun hat.  The beautifully made natural raffia bucket hat is the perfect go-to for a variety of occasions as it rocks both beach and street vibes.  Made from renewable raffia it’s also foldable and adjustable.  Raffia is a highly renewable straw-like material made from palm tree leaves.  It is durable, water resistant and flexible.  This hat is not dyed and is unbleached as well.

Natural | Made from Renewable Plant-Based Resource | Directly Sourced from Manufacturer | Plastic-free | Shipped Plastic-free

Care:  Water resistant but not water proof.  Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not wash/soak.
Material:  Raffia

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