Let's Go Eco Inc.

Past Eco-Boxes

Summer 2022

SOLD OUT – 7 items valued at $150 (save 40%)

1. Natural Mineral Sunscreen, plastic-free – Attitude
2. Cocktail Syrup, artisan crafted – Kvas Fine Beverage Co.
3. Patio Mugs, stainless steel & copper (set of 2)
4. Organic Summer & Bug Spray – Shoosha Organic
5. Straw Hat, handwoven & sustainable materials
6. Recovery Salve – Onsight Care
7. Bamboo Toilet Paper – Roll Up

Spring 2022

SOLD OUT – 7 items valued at $160 (save 45%)

1. Handmade Seagrass Bag - Greener Valley Trading
2. Vegan Food Wraps (Set of 3) by Bee Kind
3. Hot & Cold Therapy Bag by Wheat Bags by T
4. Handcrafted Energy Bars from Haumana
5. Two-Tiered Steel Bento Box by Let’s Go Eco
6. Bannock Mix from Bangin’ Bannock
7. Portable Travel Straw by Let’s Go Eco

Winter 2021

SOLD OUT - 7 items valued at $160 (save 45%)

7 luxurious and decedent items from small businesses. Experience tasty treats, handcrafted quality, yummy festive scents and flavours and deluxe skincare.

1. Cookie Jar Shortbread Cookies from Provisions Food Company
2. Handcrafted Vegan Chocolate Bar from Indigenous Owned Business Raven Rising
3. Solmate Socks Crafted with Care from Recycled Fibers, Zero Waste and Certified B-Corporation
4. Charcuterie Board made from Premium Grade, Sustainably Sourced Acacia
5. Handcrafted, Luxury Natural Soy Candle in Festive Scents from Elysian Fragrances
6. Lux Handcrafted Body Butter in Festive Scents by Charcoal & Rose Petals
7. Apricot Sugar Body Scrub from Zoës Corner

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Fall 2021

SOLD OUT - 10 items valued at $170 (save 45%)

The 2021 Fall Eco-Box is built for dreamers. A beautiful collection of 10 plastic-free treats chosen to pamper and nurture the mind and body.

1. Reusable Travel Cup made from Bamboo Fiber from Ecoffee Cup
2. Nékwentsut Tea from Indigenous business Sḵwálwen Botanicals
3. Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
4. Healthy Vegan Gummies from Herbaland
5. Plastic-free Laundry Strips from TruEarth
6. Handbound Notebook and Bookmark from Michelle Ryan Fine Art
7. Recycled Pencil Crayons from Zefiro Low Waste Shop
8. Ocean Goddess Bubble Bath from Sealuxe
9. Organic Bath/Shower Pouf
10. Bamboo & Sisal Nail Brush

Summer 2021

SOLD OUT - 8 items valued at $200 (save $80)

1. Fair Trade, Handmade Premium 100% Turkish Cotton Wrap/Towel/Throw from Pokoloko
2. Bamboo Bandages from Patch Strips
3. Handmade Calendula & Plantain Healing Salve from Sarah's Soaps
4. Natural Retinol Beauty Oil by Imaya Beauty
5. Lip Butter from Epic Blend
6. Upcycled Protein Powder from Outcast Nutrition
7. Upcycled, Vegan, Small Batch Chutney from Luv The Grub
8. Bamboo “Donut” Bag Clip directly sourced by Let's Go Eco

Spring 2021

SOLD OUT - 10 items, valued at $160 (save 44%)

1. Natural, Facial Cleansing Bar from Uasau Soap
2. 100% Pure Certified Organic Maple Syrup from Pefferlaw Creek Farm
3. Unpaper Towels from Cheeks Ahoy
4. Hydrating Hemp Shampoo Bar from Upfront Cosmetics
5. Hydrating Hemp Conditioner Bar from Upfront Cosmetics
6. Reusable Facial Rounds from The Green Co.
7. Bamboo Hair Brush
8. Natural Bath Salts from Cedar and Sunset
9. Zero-Waste Toilet Bowl Tabs
10. Two Natural Loofah Pot Scrubbers

Winter 2020

SOLD OUT - 7 items, valued at $200 (save 55%)

1. Luxurious 100% Bamboo Blanket
2. Fairtrade Natural Shea Butter from Mamaa Trade
3. Mexican Drinking Chocolate from Chocosol Traders
4. Small Farm Grown Gourmet Popcorn from Provisions Food Company
5. Natural Gingerbread Soy Candle from Surf’s Up Candle
6. Low-Waste and Reusable Bows + Bags (4 handmade flower bows, 2 Reusable Gift Bags)
7. 2 organic tea bags from Oteas

Fall 2020

SOLD OUT - 9 items, valued at $180 (save 50%)

1. Handcrafted, reclaimed wood sunglasses from Skrap
2. Wild foraged, handmade face mask from Boreal Folk
3. Organic cotton bowl cover from Your Green Kitchen
4. Natural, small batch deodorant from Nakedeodorant
5. Tru Earth laundry strips
6. Natural Spiced Pumpkin Soap from Glorious Life
7. Natural Fiber Body Brush
8. Natural Bath Bomb from Brisa’s Bath Indulgence
9. 2 Free Samples of Organic Tea from Oteas

Summer 2020

SOLD OUT - 9 items, valued at $150 (save 40%)

1. Stainless steel water bottle with bamboo cap
2. Rosemary and Peppermint natural shampoo bar
3. Rosemary and Peppermint natural condition bar
4. Stainless steel bento box
5. Stainless steel mini snack container
6. Stainless steel travel cutlery & 3 reusable straws
7. Natural Adventurer sunscreen in travel tin
8. Natural lip balm
9. Glee Gum

Spring 2020

SOLD OUT - 9 items, valued at $150 (save 40%)

1. Laundry strips from TruEarth
2. Dishwashing block from No Tox Life
3. Wool dryer balls from Moss Creek Wool Works
4. Eco sponges from Two Acre Farm Collingwood
5. Swedish dishcloth from Ten & Co.
6. Laundry stick from Milk & Honey
7. Body lotion bar from Nyla
8. Pot scrubber
9. Bamboo soap dish