Let's Go Eco Inc.

Who We Are

We are passionate about the environment and the world we live in.  We have a love for nature, our families and this planet.  Climate change is real and we want to make a difference.  Even if it’s just small changes, every little bit helps and we believe that all of us can inspire change simply based on the choices we make.

We started on our low waste and more sustainable lifestyle journey a few years ago.  We’ve learned a lot and want to share it with you.  We welcome everyone on this journey with us and no change is too small.  


Why We Do It

The time is now.  Being environmentally aware and making choices that are better for the planet has never been more important.  Being eco-conscious shouldn’t be difficult, confusing, time-consuming and expensive.  We know it can be hard, so we’re here to help. 

At Let’s Go Eco we want to make it easier for anyone to make positive changes that will benefit the planet.  Do good, feel good – every little bit helps!

We make living an eco-friendly lifestyle easy, fun and more affordable with subscription boxes filled with sustainable, natural, biodegradable items.  We lovingly curate our boxes to be low waste and zero plastic. Our subscription boxes are seasonally themed and filled with items you’ll use and love.  We offer high quality, stylish and luxury products for you and your home all at a really great price (saving 30-50% off what you’d pay in a store).